Our Standard

The Union Ice Standard is second to none. Our water filtration and purification systems exceed all national and international standards delivering to you the highest quality ice product available.

Water Purification
The water is initially filtered through carbon filters.

Water Softeners
The water is processed through water softeners.

The water then passes through pre-filters.

Reverse Osmosis
The osmotic process uses membranes to act like extremely fine filters to create purified water.

Ultraviolet Light Chamber
The Ultraviolet light chamber destroys any residual bacteria that may be in the water. The result is clean purified water which makes perfect crystal clear ice.

Drying Belt
Ice is conveyed in a separate freezer room along 80 feet of drying belt while being exposed to five degrees Fahrenheit and wind causing a chill factor which completely removes all moisture.

The ice is now in the perfect condition to be packaged and delivered.

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