Block Ice

Arctic Glacier is your source for quality block ice for any occasion. Our water filtering process ensures that the water we use is a pure as possible, and that makes for good ice. We offer block ice in sizes ranging from 25 to 300 pounds, and we will deliver directly to your location. Block ice is one of our most popular products because of all of its versatile uses.

Food and Beverages

There are a lot of different ways that block ice can save the day when it comes to preserving and serving food and beverages. Block ice is an excellent solution for preserving food for outdoor events at temporary locations. If you are having a festival in an open field, then block ice will keep your food and drinks cold all night and day at a fraction of the cost of renting refrigeration.

Block ice can be used by your bar for serving drinks, and it can be used as a temporary cooler for food you bring in for a special event. When it comes to utilizing and preserving food and beverages, few cooling solutions are more effective than block ice.

Adding Decoration to Your Event

Block ice is what artists use to create ice sculptures, and our selection of different block ice sizes means a variety of sculptures. You can also chip block ice and use it in your banquet display and to cool your guest’s drinks. The cost effectiveness of block ice makes it an ideal solution for any event. If your event causes the power to go out, then your block ice will keep all of the food and drinks cool and preserved until the power comes back on.

Industrial Uses

The industrial sector has plenty of uses for block ice and we are able to provide all of the block ice you need for any purpose. Food processors and distributors use block ice in almost every business process. The processing, preservation, transportation, and display of food products requires block ice to make sure only the freshest products get to the end user.

Arctic Glacier is your supplier for all of your block ice needs. Our process creates the most reliable and highest quality ice, and we can deliver to your location right away. Contact one of our experts today to talk about your block ice needs and put together a delivery schedule that ensures that you always have the ice you need, when you need it.

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