Classic Square Cube Ice

Classic square cube ice is a standard in every facet of the entertainment and hospitality industries. When customers get their drinks, they expect to see classy square cubes that give a sense of sophistication and class. The best part about our cubed ice is that we can provide your party at home with the same type of cubes we deliver to the most prestigious night clubs and restaurants in town. When you want to provide nothing but the best to your guests, then you need classic square cube ice.

Home Deliveries

When you are entertaining in your home, you want to welcome your guests with a classy drink. Cubed ice is not only popular because of its shape, but it is also widely used because it takes longer to melt than any other type of ice. The flat and broad surfaces on an ice cube mean that it can withstand drinks longer, allowing your guests to enjoy their drink’s full flavor longer. Give us a call and we’ll provide you with the classic cubes you need to help make your party a hit.

Commercial Deliveries

Our cubes are used by commercial businesses throughout the area, and we do more than just make regular deliveries. If your night club suddenly finds itself running out of Ice, just give us and we’ll provide immediate delivery service 24/7.

Your guests will take notice of our cubes because of their ability to melt slowly. This means cocktails and drinks will retain their flavor longer without being water diluted too quickly.

Your banquet hall needs to stay stocked on cubed ice, and we can make sure that you always have what you need. The classic look of cubed ice will add an element of elegance to your event.

Special Event Deliveries

Are you putting together a large gathering of guests? Whether you’re in charge of a large music festival or a large gathering for your church, you’ll want our cubed ice to make your event complete. No matter what type of event you are planning, our experts will let you know just how much ice you need and set up a delivery schedule that will keep the party going as long as you want.

The Purity of Our Cubes

Arctic Glacier uses a six-part process that creates perfect bottled water quality ice cubes. We have developed a method that creates classy looking cubes each and every time.

The classic square cubed ice you see in the best restaurants and night clubs can also be at your home or business. Give our experts a call today and we will explain how we make our cubes, and tell you exactly how we will make your next event special with our classic ice. We can also set up regular deliveries for your business to make sure that your guests get only the very best in classic square cubed ice.

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