Crushed Ice

Crushed ice is one of the most versatile types of ice found in the commercial and residential markets. When you contact us, we will help you to determine just how much crushed ice you need and help to develop a reliable delivery schedule. If you find yourself needing crushed ice in an emergency situation, we have the resources and professional staff to deliver your ice quickly.

When you want your event to be a success, then you need to use only the highest quality products. For many years now, Arctic Glacier has been known for the care it takes in delivering quality ice for any occasion. The quality of ice depends on the quality of the water used and the processes that purify that water before freezing. Arctic Glacier filters its water to the point of near perfection. That is the ice that gets delivered to your home or business.

Crushed Ice for the Hospitality Industry

Restaurants use crushed ice for drinks, food displays and as decoration for special events. Some of the other more common uses of crushed ice in the hospitality industry including night clubs, hotels, bars, buffets, and food packing.

When you are planning a major event, there is a very good chance that you will need crushed ice. We can help you plan ahead so that you have the ice you need to make sure your event goes off smoothly.

Crushed Ice for Commercial Industries

When it comes to keeping important commercial materials and processes cool, few products are more reliable than crushed ice. Grocery stores and seafood establishments use crushed ice to keep their food displays fresh. A bakery will also use crushed ice to keep dough at the required temperature to be used in various recipes.

We also supply a wide variety of commercial clients outside of the food and hospitality industries with the crushed ice. Concrete companies use a great deal of crushed ice to prevent concrete batches from becoming too warm. Medical transportation companies rely on crushed ice to keep important tissue samples and organs for transplant properly preserved.

Crushed Ice for Residential Needs

If you are planning a gathering at your home, then you can contact us for the crushed ice you will need to keep drinks and food cold. Our experts will help you to calculate how much ice you will need, and we will make sure you get a delivery schedule that makes sense.

A Reliable Supplier

The versatility of crushed ice means that there is a wide range of important clients who would be in trouble without their regular deliveries. We take pride in maintaining proper inventory levels and delivery schedules for all our customers.

Crushed ice is one of the most important products we sell and we are proud of our growing list of satisfied customers. When you need the highest quality crushed ice delivered on time by experts who can answer all of your questions, then you need to give us a call and let us handle your needs.

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