Dry Ice

What is Dry Ice?

Dry Ice is used for freezing. This is its fundamental purpose. At a temperature of minus 109 degrees Fahrenheit, its very presence in a confined area creates chilled to freezing temperatures depending on the quantity used.

It is made of Carbon Dioxide gas that is compressed into a solid form. Because of its gaseous origin, Dry Ice sublimates (returns to a gas) it does not melt. Once solidified, it is a very dense mass. This makes it relatively heavy for its dimensions. A 50# block for example only measures 10” high by 9” square.

Dry Ice is harmless to foods unless there is direct physical contact which can cause the food to burn at the spot where contact was made, otherwise there is no danger from its cooling effect.

Dry Ice does displace oxygen so never enter a confined room alone where large amounts of Dry Ice exists. Get out of the room as soon as you start to feel a shortness of breath.

What Is The Size of Dry Ice?

Our dry ice comes in 10 lb slabs that measure 9” squared and 2” thick.

Uses for Dry Ice?

  • Creating and maintaining cooling to freezing conditions during a power outage or broken refrigerator or freezer.
  • Freezing required packaging for shipping.
  • Ice Chest freezing or cooling for fishing, camping etc.
  • Delaying the melting of ice when broken up and mixed with ice in an ice chest.
  • Creating a spooky Halloween fog when submerged in hot water.

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