Ice Sculptures

With the custom look of statuesque crystal, ice sculptures have become the decorative focal point at the finest events. Over the last few decades, the importance of quality in the décor is recognized by an increasingly detail conscientious public.

Completely custom centerpieces are sculpted in ice and provide a rich embellishment for the most cherished gatherings. Ice sculptures originate from solid blocks of ice weighing 300 pounds, measuring 40 inches tall by 20 inches wide. They are carved using a variety of old fashioned wood carving tools as well as modern day power tools like electric chainsaws, dremel tools and powered wood sanding tools.

Unlike an artist who sculpts clay, stone or any other lasting material, the ice carver works in unusual conditions. The carver’s first challenge is his environment. He must work in ice-cold temperatures, as his medium is not permanent. This is a feat as ice sculptures may take two to three hours to create, depending on the detail and complexity of the design.

The second challenge is to ensure the detail of the design is maintained as the sculpture melts. Because the ice sculptures are set-up and displayed in temperate environments such as banquet halls and hotels, the ice carver needs to accentuate the detail of the design so its image is preserved.

One way to preserve the image is to drill out the design with a dremel, and to pack the void outlining the design with snow. This technique provides a contrast against the clear ice and provides a very legible design. The image also lasts longer as only the outside surfaces of the ice melt away. This technique is most often used to engrave company logos.

Arctic Glacier sculptures always qualify for center stage at any food or product display and can be custom-sculpted to suit any request. For bookings or more information, please contact us.

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