Arctic Glacier Inc. is considered to many industries as premium ice, offering a wide variety of ice products:

Bagged Ice (7 – 40 lbs. bags)

We offer bagged ice in sizes ranging from seven to 40 pounds. When you call on us, you can rest assured that your ice will be delivered as quickly as possible. Of course, it is always best to plan ahead and have us deliver the bagged ice you need prior to your event. But when planning ahead is not an option, do not hesitate to contact Arctic Glacier. We will be at your location as quickly as we can with your bagged ice. Our deliveries are usually completed within one hour.

Bulk Ice

When you use the services of Arctic Glacier, you know that your freezers will never go bare with the bulk ice you need for everyday operations. Our experts work with you to make sure that deliveries of bulk ice are made on a routine basis to ensure that you never run out.

We can supply ice for a full range of industries, from the kitchen in a nightclub to the nurse’s station in a hotel. We can make sure that all of your ice stations throughout your hotel are filled, and that all of your service stations in your restaurant are ready to serve quality food and drinks.

Crushed Ice

Crushed ice is used to garnish certain food dishes, and it is that frosty top on mixed drinks. Our experts can create crushed ice that meets your exact specifications in shape and size, and we can fill your crushed ice order in a matter of only a couple of hours.

Bartenders like crushed ice because it can be used to efficiently fill a glass and cool drinks fast. Events coordinators likes to use crushed ice as an enhancement to ice sculptures and decorative serving bowls. Arctic Glacier will make sure that you always have the exact size and type of crushed ice you need at all times.

Block Ice

The hospitality industry relies heavily on supplies of block ice, and Arctic Glacier has a reputation for offering the best in block ice delivery services. Block ice has a lot of uses in hospitality, ranging from keeping food displays cool to being the foundations to ice sculptures. Arctic Glacier can be your pre-order and emergency block ice supplier.

Our ice experts can tell you exactly how long each size of block ice will last, helping you to buy only what you need. We offer a wide range of sizes, and we can deliver thousands of pounds of block ice to your location fast.

Cubed Ice

When you put an ice cube in your guest’s drink, a perfect cube is what they are expecting. Too many hospitality businesses think they can get away with passing off chipped ice as ice cubes, but guests notice the difference.

When you want to make the perfect impression with every drink you serve, then care enough to serve our perfectly cubed ice products. We supply businesses with a wide variety of cubed ice products, and we can deliver to your location on-time, or quickly in emergency situations.

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