Snow & Hail Effects

Artificial snow is actually not artificial at all. By using special machines to ground up 300-pound blocks of ice, we can create any kind of snow, rain, or hail effects you may need. One of the biggest differences between our artificial snow and real snow is that our snow is cleaner and glistens in the bright light. This is because our ice blocks are made by pure water that is filtered to make it clear and consistent.

Hollywood loves artificial snow, hail, and rain and Arctic Glacier is one of Hollywood’s most revered special effects partners. But most people do not realize that artificial snow is used in practical ways as well. If you have a shipment on a truck or railroad car that needs to be preserved during its trip, it is less expensive to have us cover your product in artificial snow that it is to rent a refrigerated car. The next time your business needs to cover something in cold, give us a call and ask about our artificial snow.

We can turn any location into a winter holiday paradise with our artificial snow methods. The best part is that there is no clean up involved, like there would be with synthetic snow. Our snow is natural, beautiful, and ready to put a sparkling twist on your next gathering, filming session, or special event.

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