Special Events

When your organization is considering doing something different for a special event, then why not consider a winter volleyball tournament in July? How about turning the local park into a winter wonderland for kids during a hot August day? Artificial snow has a long list of special events it can make even more special with the cool and beautiful effect of falling snow.

Arctic Glacier has turned rock concerts into winter spectaculars and city streets into ski resorts in the middle of summer. No matter what kind of special event you have in mind with a winter theme to it, we can make sure that you have the artificial snow you need to make your event a success.

Our artificial snow is great for fun events, and we can also help you bring winter sports to areas where they have never been seen before. A sledding event in downtown Los Angeles or cross country skiing in the desert are all possible with our artificial snow. We also recommend a bit of a snowfall on your nighttime event. With the right lighting, our pure artificial snow that is made from filtered water will turn the nighttime sky into a beautiful sight that your guests will never forget.

Our artificial snow is also a great effect for corporate events both indoors and outdoors, for making your school’s holiday celebration special, and for creating an effect at your wedding that your guests will never forget.

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