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The entertainment world runs on a strict schedule, and that means that sometimes a director needs a snowstorm in the middle of summer. For years, Arctic Glacier has been helping movie and television studios to create the snow effects they need to make their productions a success. The realistic look of our artificial snow helps lend authenticity to your production, and the crystal clear make-up of our snow looks great on camera.

We can also help provide the rain or hail storm you need right on cue. Movie and television studios need everything to be right on time and done right. A lost hour in any type of production is lost money. Arctic Glacier understands the unique needs of movie and television studios, and that is why we continue to be one of the premier artificial snow suppliers to those who make dreams come true.

We will be there no matter what type or size of production you are creating. Our professionals arrive on set on time and ready to create the weather effects the director needs. We can build you a mountain of snow for climactic chase scenes, or we can create a soft snowfall that accents the action you are capturing. Our job is to give you the weather effects you need and at the intensity you require. Our experts can answer all of your questions and take directions very well.

Arctic Glacier has been servicing production professionals for years and we are ready to enhance your next production with our artificial snow, rain, or hail.

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